Election 2020

Trump calls Michigan minions to DC to work out coup details


I sometimes think these days that I've seen the worst, but today brought a new low. Shut out by judges all across the land, Trump has invited two leading Michigan Republican leaders to meet with him in DC. The goal? To map out an end-around plan that allows Trump to stay in power. Trump wants the Michigan legislature to bypass vote-counting and choose a bunch of electoral college sheep who won't be bound by the popular vote in their state.

I read the news today, oh boy!

After Trump was declared president-elect four years ago, I slowly slipped into a dark hole. For a week or two, I tried to read the daily paper (New York Times), but I couldn't keep it up. Journalists seemed to be treating Thump as a president worthy of respect, but all I saw was a lying piece of trash. Trump affirmed my opinion over the course of several years, and lowered the bar even more. I couldn't stand it. Though my wife Jane insisted we continue to get a paper, I stopped reading it entirely. I couldn't bear to wake up every day to a new rash of insults, lies, and criminal behavior.

Practicing preaching

I'll bet most people reading this have already voted -- and may have done even more to help with the election. You're among the 1% of people who are politically involved, I appreciate all you do. But there's still work to be done.  As I write this, my wife Jane is coordinating a frenzy of phone banking here in Orange County. Her teams made 8000 calls yesterday.

Which brings me to one more request.

Signs of the times

Jane and I are doing all we can to encourage people to register and vote. We're part of a team that printed 600 yard signs and got them placed in southern Orange County. Days after they were put up, one volunteer saw a guy wearing American flag shorts taking the signs down and hauling them away. The next day another volunteer saw him again and asked him to stop. He threatened to run over her with his vehicle.

Police were called and they recovered 16 of the signs, many more had already been dumped at the landfill. The man was apparently completely unrepentant.

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