Fayetteville pastor disarms reluctant gunman

And right-wingers are already calling it a hoax:

Wright said the man, who has not been identified by police yet, was carrying the rifle without a clip in one hand and a loaded ammunition clip in the other hand. But, Wright said, he didn’t know if the rifle had a round of ammunition in it. The two met, near the front of the sanctuary. “Can I help you?’’ the pastor asked the man.

But the stranger was calm, and Wright took the weapon from him. He then patted him down, and the pastor summoned four strong deacons to embrace the disarmed man, in an effort to make him feel welcome. Wright then prayed for the man, who fell to his knees and began crying.

Fayetteville's proximity to Ft. Bragg guarantees an above-average number of heavily-armed young men *and* a higher-than-normal concentration of those suffering from PTSD, broken marriages, and a panoply of other potential drivers of violence. So the odds of this happening there are not beyond the realm of the believable. But the gun-nuts hate the police chief so deeply they would believe a well-orchestrated conspiracy before they would believe an entire congregation's testimony:

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