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Early Childhood meets Capitol Hill

Last week, I traveled to Washington, DC, along with 16 other advocates for early childhood education from North Carolina. We attended a public policy forum, sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). “NAEYC's mission is to serve and act on the behalf of the needs, rights, and well-being of all young children with primary focus on the provision of educational and developmental services and resources.”

We spent a day in intensive sessions, learning all we could about specific issues and concerns affecting early childhood at a federal level. What are what are those issues? Find out below the fold.

Rory Blake Rally in Carthage (NC-06) (VIDEO!)

I was excited and priveldged to be part of a the first of a series of "rallies a day" held by the Rory Blake campaign in Carthage in Moore County. Held on the county courthouse steps at high noon, the 15 minute gathering included a diverse group of supporters included loyal "yellow dog democrats", honest to goodness peaceniks, a few county employees on their lunch break, and curious onlookers.

Rory Blake - Rally -A-Day NC-06

Rory Blake, Democratic Candidate for US Congress for NC-06 is holding a rally-a-day, every day until the election (except Sunday) to express his views and give the voters in this widespread district a chance to gather one last time to support him and each other.

Blake feels strongly that: “We need to elect a democratic congress, both to stop the missuse of the power of the federal government and to stop the war in Iraq.”

The rally will be held at noon in the county seat of every county represented in the sixth district, beginning in Carthage in Moore County on Tuesday, October 31st and finishing in Greensboro on Monday, November 6th. Full rally details will be posted on Rory's website at by 3:00 on Monday. Please join us - let your voice be heard, and help send Howard Coble home for good!

Whose Congressman is he?

As you drive around Moore County, you see them – sporadically, because he’s never taken us very seriously – but they’re there all the same. The signs: Our Congressman: Howard Coble. But whose Congressman is he?

When gas prices rose to the point where many of us had to choose between putting gas in the car or paying other bills, Rep. Coble voted against cracking down on the oil and gas industries prices gouging. (HR 3402, Vote #500, 9/28/2005)

Rep. Coble voted for the GOP energy bill that gave billions to oil, gas and nuclear industries. (HR6, vote #445 7/28/2005)

Over his career, Rep. Coble has accepted $62,400 from big oil and gas industries.

Moore from NC-06

It was the proverbial dark and stormy night, but spirits were high, the food was the best that the Democratic Women of Moore County can provide (and that's saying something. I'll put J.H's pound cake up against anyone's in the state), and anticipation filled the air. A group of about 25 of us had gathered to meet with Rory Blake, candidate for US Congress, NC-06. Dr. Abraham Oudeh, candidate for NC Senate in District 52 was on hand as well, and as the we settled into our chairs, he told us, "I smell Victory!" With that he introduced Rory Blake.

Rory's message was simple: "I'm not running against a man, I'm running against a system that is broken." Like most of us, Rory is horrified by the breakdown of our government since 2000. "They've gotten us into a horrible war that nobody wants to be in, nobody likes us around the world,and we've got the worst deficit we've had in this country - ever."

Howard Coble has to go.

One of the most important rights that our Constitution guarantees us is habeus corpus, literally "to have the body", or something like that. It guarantees that individuals will not be imprisoned indefinitely without being charged without evidence of a crime being presented in a court, and without charges being filed. The Supreme Court has "recognized the fact that`[t]he writ of habeas corpus is the fundamental instrument for safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action.' Harris v. Nelson, 394 U.S. 286, 290-91 (1969)." (ibid.)

Rory Blake - NC 06

Saturday, Sept. 9, I had the pleasure of being able to talk of cabbages and kings with Rory Blake, Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives in NC-06. As a retired businessman and pharmacist, he had a unique insight into the issues my mom is facing with Medicare "Dud", and I was impressed with his ideas on how to fix those issues. "Medicare D can be fixed", he said. "You've got the largest insurance group in the world, and they're not allowed to negotiate their prices! If they could negotiate, the way smaller groups can, and they could offer generic medications, it would go a long way to solving the problems our citizens face. It can be fixed.

This, Sadly, Was Predictable

Six of seven North Carolina Republicans in the US House voted against the McCain torture ban; Jones was the odd Republican who voted with all of NC's Democrats to outlaw "cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment" of people in US custody. Thankfully the bill sailed through the house by a vote of 308-112. President Bush has even been willing to stand up to Dick Cheney so that this bill can become law. I'm thinking that these NC Republicans will find that their challengers in 2006 won't let people forget that they voted for torture.

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