'Get 'em out!'

Trump's promise to 'remove' the undocumented within 1 hour of being sworn into office would probably require the activation of every police officer, national Guard unit, and all the military. Every plane & bus would have to be commandeered to provide transportation, gas for these vehicles arranged, food, housing and medical attention for both troops and prisoners provided for whatever period of time was actually required to move people around.

Wealthy foreign investors buying path to citizenship

Special rules for special people:

The little-known federal program that provides visas to wealthy foreign investors is perfectly legal, and experts say interest in such visas is surging. The government issues foreigners 10,000 such visas a year, in return for their investments in U.S. projects.

The visas secure permanent residency for the foreign investors and a path to citizenship for them, their spouses and minor children.

Of course, we're not wise enough to recognize the "sweat equity" investments that undocumented workers provide to our economy, even when browsing selections in the produce aisle. That would require way too much thinking. And it might upset the delicate balance of hate and fear with which we've grown so comfortable. Nope, as long as we stick with money as a gauge for worth in society, things are much easier to understand.

Immigration & Immigration Reform: Myths versus Facts

    Myth: Reform would give 20 million undocumented immigrants legal status, claimed Eric Bolling on Fox News (Your World, 1/29/13).
    Facts: The Pew Research Center shows that there were 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. in 2011, down from the high of 12 million in 2007—the last year of Bush II’s second term (1/29/13), and the number has fallen lower because of the tight job market. Of the entire U.S. population, undocumented immigrants constitute 3.7 percent.

Backlash against Foxx's Immigration Onslaught

J.W. Williamson at Watauga Watch has an interesting catch on businesses that want the illegal immigrants here to work:

The Christmas tree industry has let out its first peep against Madame Virginia Foxx's efforts to decimate its workforce with her war on Latino immigration. A letter to the editor (scroll down) published in Friday's paper from Patricia Gaskin, legislative chairwoman of the National Christmas Tree Asssociation, is only the opening salvo in what could become a most interesting exchange of views: "...the Enforcement bill that Rep. Foxx so proudly sponsors will leave agriculture and small businesses with nothing."

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