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Under GOP leadership, NC's income gap is the widest in decades


The inequality is now staggering:

In North Carolina, the average income for someone in the top one percent is 20.6 times larger than everyone else, a figure that has increased substantially during the Great Recession and is much higher than it was in the 1960s through early 1980s. The top one percent took home over 17 percent of all income in North Carolina in 2015, and the top 0.1 percent commanded 7.4 of all income. In 1974, when the level of income inequality in North Carolina was the lowest in modern history, the top one percent only consumed 7.8 percent of all North Carolina income.

Not an accident, it's by design. And the vast majority of the Republican base has unknowingly contributed to its own decline.

Low wages are too low

I recently read Miriam Thompson's Oped "For North Carolina to truly prosper, we need to take care of our workers" in November 6, 2015 issue of the News and Observer ( This piece summarizes my own feelings about the problem of inadequate wages for hard-working people, and I thank Ms. Thompson for writing it.

Rich people explaining why wages aren't rising

An interesting story in The Asheville Citizen-Times about why wages in the NC Mountains aren't increasing.

The main quotes come from the chief economist at an Asheville consulting company, the chief economist at an Asheville wealth management advising firm, and the CFO of a local development firm. Basically, they say that the goods and services that mountain workers produce just aren't very valuable.

How's that tax cut working for ya?

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