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Joel Ford's battles with LGBT activists turns ludicrous

But the truth is, he's been dropping turds on his own party for some time:

On Tuesday N.C. Sen Joel Ford (D-Charlotte) had a strange, tense exchange with LGBT activists who criticized his record on LGBT issues. He responded to the activists with a GIF of a dog defecating in the snow. This led Matt Comer, a Charlotte-based LGBT activist, to ask if that was appropriate behavior for a state senator.

Ford, a more conservative Democrat, is used to criticism from the LGBT community. Last year he was one of the few Democrats to support a Republican bill to allow magistrates to recuse themselves from performing same-sex marriages. This session he has been one of the few Democrats to support a repeal of HB2 that would put LGBT protections to local referendum votes. But the criticism has turned up to 11 since Ford announced he’d be running against Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, a fellow Democrat, as she seeks re-election.

Joel Ford is so full of himself he doesn't get the symbolism of posting that GIF, that he himself is the turd in that particular scenario, not the creature dropping it. Purely speculation on my part, but I believe he is trying to carve out a niche for himself as a "maverick," not one to follow the lead of others. Which is fine to a certain point. But I also believe he is trying to benefit from and maybe even exacerbate the confusion and conflicting beliefs in the African-American community over LGBT issues. At its core, this is the politics of division, not inclusion, and all parties will emerge in a weaker position because of it.

DSCC follies: Recruiting anti-LGBT candidate for US Senate

Senator Joel Ford emerges as a potential challenger to Richard Burr:

Ford calls himself a pro-business, moderate Democrat. He’s the vice chair of NC Main Street Democrats, a legislative caucus within the General Assembly. And now that he says he’s “entertaining” a bid, he believes he could be in a stronger position to run as a Democrat in a general election than Ross, who’s known for her progressivism.

“Collectively, we have to communicate a message that won’t scare away the base and will appeal to unaffiliated voters,” he said, lamenting the fact that in the past two elections Democrats have lost fellow Democrats and unaffiliated voters to the GOP.

It's one thing to hope that Democrats en masse will hold their (collective) noses and vote for a pro-business Democrat. It's another thing altogether to expect them to ignore the fact said Democrat joined the ranks of Republicans to pass bigoted and extremist religious legislation:

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