Libertarians Say Repeal HB2

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina has joined the growing list of organizations calling for the repeal of House Bill 2.

"The state has no authority to determine gender," the unanimous resolution states. HB 2 also “unduly intrudes state authority into local decision-making and unreasonably limits the ability of the citizens ... to govern themselves.”

In addition, the bill reduces individual rights because it “bans citizens from using state courts to remedy discrimination”

The bottom of the ignorance barrel in North Carolina

Roughly one out of every 1500 people born come into this world with some ambiguity regarding male or female anatomy. People with this condition used to be called hermaphrodites, but today the appropriate medical term is "intersex."

#NCPride2015 Photo Blog

In continuing my nearly annual tradition of posting a NC Pride photo blog here on Blue NC, I have some more photos to share! Though rainy, this was the first NC Pride since marriage equality became the national law of the land, which gave a certain spirit to all the festivities. As usual there were no shortage of political causes and politicians on hand to celebrate and get their message out there.

Kim Davis: Credibility?

Today my Facebook timeline was naturally bombarded with posts on Kim Davis' arrest and other related obscenities, such as her recent remarks during an interview with Newslo, "all-women prisons are filled with clans of dangerous lesbians who engage in disgusting lesbian sex all day long because they have nothing else better to do...I would rather die than let them try to change me into one of them, I would rather take my own life*", (Stevan, 2015).

Breaking: The end of marriage in North Carolina

RALEIGH - In a shrewd legislative maneuver, Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger today ushered North Carolina into a new post-coital era. The end of marriage is upon us.

"We're letting any public official who wants to opt out of marrying queers do just that," says Berger. "Unfortunately, they'll also have to opt out of marrying anybody else too. But whatever. At least queers won't be getting hitched."

The new law promises to decimate marriage in North Carolina. Magistrates, county clerks, registers of deeds, and everyone else involved in marriages can now say, "Thanks, but no thanks," knowing they have job protection no matter how little work they actually do.

"That's fine by me," says Berger. "I'm all for white Republican Christians getting paid to sit on their asses. It's only darkies that get under my skin."

In response to the action, a spokesperson for the North Carolina ACLU shook her head and laughed. "Here we go again," she said. Extremists passing laws that won't pass any constitutional smell test. So now the state will be spending millions of taxpayer dollars defending this crap in court."

UPDATE: Read the bill itself. And then encourage every public official you can think of to "just say no" in enabling any marriage.

US Supreme Court denies Florida's bid to stop gay marriage

Looks like the deal is finally done, folks. Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard on this extraordinary civil rights issue. And special thanks to the ACLU here in North Carolina for all they've done into this fight.

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