We're Going Camping!

For the next few days BlueNC is leaving the comfort and shelter of its front page to venture into BlueNC Backcountry. While the front page is taking a well-deserved rest, you can find everything you need and more using the tracker ( If you're logged in, the tracker will even tell you where the new posts and comments are! (It doesn't warn you about the bears, though; you're on your own there.)

In the meantime, blog and post as usual. Go to the Take Action Page and use the internet to talk some sense into your government. Use the BlueNC Calendar to find out what's going on, or even add your own events. Check out the NC Blog Index, were you can find out about other NC blogs or add your own. Most important of all: keep discovering and sharing a passion for liberal North Carolina politics!


P.S. Just to be extra clear, the site is having some problems, caught in a time warp, so to speak, with old entries showing up on the front page and in the comments sections instead of new entries. It may be a few days until we get it fixed.

Pardon our Dust and (Internal) Links

The one difficulty we have had in transferring to the new system is that many of our internal links are now bad. We are working hard to fix the problem and should only be a concern in older posts, but please let us know if you click on anything that does not take you to where you need to go.

NC Politics 101

Of all the new features on BlueNC, the one I'm most excited about is the ability to collaboratively write and maintain books. Imagine an online reference where you could find everything you would want to know about NC politics—from your representative's biography, to registration dates; from a list of incumbents and challengers by district, to an in-depth discussion of redistricting. That's the goal, and here's my favorite part: if everyone contributes what they know, we'll accomplish it in no time!

If you know something about politics in North Carolina—after all, you do read blogs on the topic—sign up for an account (free; easy) and add to the book. I've laid out a few chapter titles, but there's no shortage of pages to be written. Don't worry about putting every piece of information in the right place—others are working on the book with you, and we can always move pages around.

We're Up!

BlueNC is back up and running and, as you've probably noticed, it looks a little different. I'll start with the bad news: we lost all of the comments on our old posts, and those old posts are going to have to be manually reentered. That's not a small thing--we have all appreciated the conversations that took place on this blog, and I for one am sad to see them go.

Here's the good news: BlueNC will be ready to kick all kinds of conservative ass in the new year! I'll be blogging about our new features over the next few days, but here's an overview.

  • We're going to have a collaborative encyclopedia of all things North Carolina politics, and you can help write and edit it.

Thank Sir Lance A Lot

(Promoted by TarGator to show my support for his efforts as well)

Just a quick note to acknowledge Lance and admire his amazing productivity! Here's to a wildly successful and very cool Blue NC . . . may we all together make a difference that makes a difference.


The New BlueNC is Coming Soon

"What's going on?" We're in the process of switching software. When the change is complete, BlueNC readers will have access to a range of new features, including a progressive NC calendar of events, polls, a collaborative encyclopedia of North Carolina politics, individual user blogs and more. We'll be setting up and cleaning up our messes today, so check back tonight and tomorrow!


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