NC GOP foolishness

Jobs? Sorry, no, we're busy with this abortion stuff

Having doubled down on his lie of the year, Guvnor Pat keeps trying to insist that he didn't break his campaign promise about abortion. The trouble is, everyone knows he's lying. And the Democrats called him out on his lies.

Democrats have wasted no time jumping on Gov. Pat McCrory’s decision to sign the abortion bill, which triples the required waiting time.

Bye bye movies

As the NC GOP continues to kill jobs in our state with their foolish "no subsidies, except for dirty energy, the gun industry and rich people" mentality, the end of film production tax credits has dried up movie production in our state.

Five movies shot in North Carolina will hit theaters this year, but the head of the state film office said Tuesday that no new movies are in production or currently planned anywhere in the state.

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