The NC NAACP files lawsuit to prevent voter purges

The sinister side of those campaign mailers:

In the weeks and months leading up to the November 8, 2016 general election, county BOEs throughout North Carolina have been removing large numbers of eligible, registered voters from the voter rolls, in response to coordinated and targeted en masse change-of-address challenges brought under the State’s voter challenge statute by a handful of individuals.

According to the State BOE, in Beaufort, Moore, and Cumberland Counties alone, a small number of individuals have recently challenged the registration of approximately 4,500 voters, based exclusively on mass mailings that were returned as undeliverable. The overwhelming majority of these challenges were brought in August and September 2016, less than 90 days before Election Day. Similar challenges may be occurring in other North Carolina counties as well.

While part of me hopes this situation is dealt with quickly and the purges are stopped, another part of me wishes this case could climb all the way to the (US) Supreme Court. They had no business gutting parts of the Voting Rights Act, and the targeting of African-American voters with these challenges proves their assumption we live in "post-racial" times was both flawed and naive. Here's what happened to some of these voters:

Some details on NC voter rights case

In bench trials, there's only one opinion that matters:

U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder has given lawyers arguing against and for the changes between two and three weeks to make their case in a bench trial that could test the constitutionality and sweep of new voting rules adopted in Republican-led states.

The trial begins almost a month before the 50th anniversary of the landmark Voting Rights Act, which knocked down state and local efforts to keep African-Americans from voting.

I tried to find a stream or a live-blog to follow, but no luck so far. If anybody reading this finds something like that, please drop it in the comments or send me a message and I'll do it. Here are the three main issues being adjudicated:

Demonstrators march in Bladenboro for Lennon Lacy

Too many questions still remain:

Hundreds of protesters joined with the state chapter of the NAACP in a march in Bladenboro to call for a thorough federal investigation of a black teen whose death was ruled a suicide.

Lacy was found last summer hanging from a noose fashioned from two belts and tied to a swing set in Bladenboro. Family members and NAACP officials have called his death a "possible race-based homicide" and said local authorities rushed to reach a conclusion and didn't fully investigate the case.

Pretty sure it was a belt and a dog leash, neither of which belonged to the victim. It's inconsistencies in the media coverage like that which scream for a much more detailed investigation, and any embarrassment on the part of local law enforcement falls on their shoulders alone.

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