NC Right To Work Law

Labor dispute in Roxboro a common theme for undocumented workers

Tyranny comes in many forms:

Solais said she reported to work by 10 each morning six days a week and dragged herself home at 10 each night. She said she earned between $300 and $400 each week, which would have amounted to $4 to $6 an hour, less than the $7.25 minimum wage and the $11 an hour overtime pay.

Scotti D’Abbusco has said in court filings that Solais did not work for him before 2013. He says she logged an average of 20 to 23 hours a week, working half-shifts. He described a friendship with Solais that soured after he and his wife said they couldn’t help her bring her daughter to America. “They really feel stunned by what has happened,” Cline said. “He feels very much snakebit.”

And as is also common, Roxboro's elite are at least tacitly complicit in her maltreatment. The restaurant is right across the street from the courthouse, the symbol of justice for the entire County, and judges, lawyers, cops, other business owners, all enjoyed the food she prepared. But because she had the audacity to complain about having her wages stolen by her employer, those "stewards of justice" now want to throw her in jail. Again, a contemporary NC story that could have been taken right off the pages of a Charles Dickens inked manuscript. As for our own Department of Labor:

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