November 2018

Meet Supreme Court candidate Anita Earls


UPDATED: Dem candidates in EVERY House and Senate district

At this point there appears to be 33 28 11 "Zero" House Districts unchallenged. Republican (incumbents or open seat challengers) candidates for each seat are listed:

HD4 **Da'Quan Marcell Love** & **William Terrill Vann III** vs. (Jimmy Dixon)
HD9 **Kristoffer Charles Douglass Rixon** vs. (Greg Murphy)
HD10 **Tracy Blackmon** vs. (John Bell)
HD13 **Charles Dawson Deaton** vs. (Pat McElraft)
HD14 **Isaiah Johnson** vs. (George Cleveland)
HD28 **Jimmie Maurice Massengill** vs. (Larry Strickland)
HD36 **Julie von Haefen** vs. (Nelson Dollar)
HD46 **Barbara Singletary Yates-Lockamy** vs. (Brendan Jones)

The long list continues below...

Newest PPP Poll lends credence to NC's "Blue Wave" hopes

And two very different Executives may be a determining factor:

PPP’s newest North Carolina poll finds that Democrats lead the generic legislative ballot 46-41 for this fall. Among voters who are ‘very excited’ about voting in this year’s election- which could be a low turnout affair with no Senate or Gubernatorial race at the top of the ballot- the Democratic edge expands to 13 points at 53/40. The strong position for Democrats is a function of voters being happy with their Democratic Governor and unhappy with their Republican President. 49% of voters approve of the job Roy Cooper is doing to 33% who disapprove.

Voters are not happy with the General Assembly. Only 19% approve of the job it’s doing to 51% who disapprove. The Democrats in the legislature aren’t popular, with 39% of voters approving of the job they’re doing to 45% who disapprove. But they’re a lot better off than the Republicans who have only a 35% approval rating with 51% of voters disapproving of them. There’s 59/15 support for nonpartisan redistricting with independents (69/12), Democrats (62/12), and Republicans (45/21) all in favor of it.

That last part (redistricting) is very likely due to how much Republicans have abused it. Screwing with Congressional maps, Legislative maps, and now Judicial maps, has ensured this issue has been reported on every other day for the last year and a half or two, and that's enough to penetrate the awareness of even the painfully unaware. And contrary to what some Democratic contrarians have whined about in the last few days, it also appears voters know exactly who to blame for the Federal government shutdown:

Cannabis won't be on the ballot, but it may define the 2018 elections

National polling shows growing support for marijuana legalization, with 64 percent of Americans now in favor of it. Support has increased by 14 points since 2011, and even 51 percent of Republicans say medical marijuana should be made legal.


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