Republican idiocy

Tuesday Twitter roundup

And now we've got armed insurrectionists marching into government buildings and threatening to kidnap and execute Governors. Shame on us.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The Board of Elections should never have allowed that elevator picture in the first place. She didn't have to campaign hard during election season, because her smiling face was etched into everybody's memory,

Tuesday Twitter roundup

I wish her congratulations also. But unless she can exert some pressure on Phil Berger to pull his head out of his ass and work with the Governor (and the NC House), this won't even leave a smudge on the glass ceiling.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

These constant attacks on the Governor (and his family) are beyond tiresome. Where were those hypocrites when Dan Forest and Donald Trump went around the state holding maskless superspreader events? Ignoring real danger while creating fictitious events to complain about is one (big) reason why the virus is raging across our state. Ignorance is lethal.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Maybe it will work this time, but I'm not confident Mitch McConnell will take the time away from packing the courts with Trump judges to do something Trump promised.

WUNC's "The State of Things" is going off the air

I'm missing Frank Stasio already:

The hour-long program, which has been airing weekdays at noon and also at eight in the evening since 2001, has successfully served residents of North Carolina and beyond for nearly two decades since 1999. With topics ranging from politics to the arts to societal issues and music, the show has served to highlight what has been happening across the state of North Carolina.

As the media landscape has been shifting, WUNC has been working to reach new audiences and stay on top of audience trends. The talented staff that has been working on The State of Things will be re-directed to new WUNC projects that will enhance WUNC’s service to the community.

Change is bad. We fear change! Just kidding, but seriously. Frank has a way of exposing issues that make them more understandable, and he always ends up asking the questions that are chirping for attention in my head. As far as that "media landscape shifting," it's poorly thought-out moves like this that are shifting it in the wrong direction.


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