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More questions than answers in Wake Forest shooting

Starting with the seemingly casual dismissal of a restraining order:

Last month, Sander was arrested and charged with communicating threats. It is unclear whether the Mazzellas reported it, but they were granted a temporary restraining order against Sander on the grounds that he threatened to kill them.

The Mazzellas wanted a permanent restraining order, but the temporary order was lifted Thursday by a Wake County judge, Sussman said. “The judge said it was just words,” Sussman said about the threat. “The next day he killed everyone.”

As many commenters have complained, the judge was not named in this article. And that quote above by the victims' brother/son is likely thirdhand, since he probably heard that judge's statement from one of the people who are now dead. But if that judge did lift the restraining order for any reason resembling the above quote, he needs to answer for it. If it had been still in effect, the shooter might have been taken into custody earlier in the day, when law enforcement was first called to the scene.

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