retention elections

Another GOP voter suppression scheme found illegal

Don't worry, though. They'll come up with another illegal scheme next time around.

Summary Judgment is granted to plaintiffs with respect to their claim that S.L. 2015-66 violates Article IV, § 16 of the North Carolina: Constitution in that a retention election is not an “election” for the office of supreme court justice as required by the constitution.

Judicial election changes in North Carolina

Can our court system be gerrymandered? If there's a will there's a way.

HB 222 will change elections for the State Supreme Court and the State Court of Appeals. Under this bill, judges currently serving on these courts could choose to run, or not run, for reelection. If running for reelection, the citizen’s choice on the ballot would simply read, Vote to Reelect, or Vote not to Reelect.

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