Charlotte balks at doing away with single-family zoning

You'd be surprised at how many people have torches & pitchforks in their garage:

Charlotte City Council members on Monday hit the brakes on the city’s ambitious 2040 Comprehensive Plan over its call to eliminate single-family-only zoning.

The city has been holding public meetings about the plan for months. But as the deadline approaches to approve it, some council members are hearing concerns from residents who are worried about the changes.

Of course they're hearing concerns from residents, because anything you try to do will result in concerns from residents. Hell, I tried to change the route of our fledgling public transportation system so it would run through a densely-populated middle-class area (because people had complained there weren't any convenient stops), but I was told, '"We don't want those types of people coming through here." That being said, both sides of this issue have valid concerns:

Christmas in July for Raleigh Developers; Council members in Kane's pocket

Luckily for Raleigh and those who still think Raleigh should be a "livable" community, Jane Porter did a live blog at last night's zoning hearing at Raleigh City Hall. The proposal being addressed was a rezoning that would affect 1/3 of the entire very large city. It would especially impact SE Raleigh, as Olivia Rainey eloquently pointed out to roars of approval from the packed house.

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