tax reform

How's that tax cut working for ya?

Tax Reform?

Conversation #1 from Facebook regarding the 'tax reform' given to us by our NCGA.
More to come!!

~sarcasm warning~ I can't thank our state legislature enough for the wonderful tax cuts that they've been bragging about for the past year (face palm)...Our gross income was $4k less this year....last year our state refund was $541, this year we owe the state $18.....I'm still trying to find that tax cut that they raved about....oh wait!!! I found it.....Art Pope got my tax cut.

Response from Friends:
-We owe $34 to NC. They're not getting it till April 10.

State & local taxes: Who pays the most?

Allowing the rich to pay less taxes does not result in job growth. Business do not hire new workers unless they absolutely have to do so, and what creates that need is a demand for their services or products. The kind of demand that comes from a vibrant middle class with money in its pockets to spend. NCGA needs to re-address its 'tax reform' and come up with better ideas.

Evolution, not revolution, for taxes

Evolution, not revolution, for taxes.

Republican governors in other states seem to be learning from the experiences of Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback. Were the tax ‘reforms’ instituted by Republicans in Kansas too drastic? Many now think so. The $279 million revenue gap, and a credit rating downgrade, experienced by Kansas is changing minds all across the GOP universe. Most still believe in Laffer’s supply-side, trickle down theories, but are beginning to say that smaller cuts over a longer period of time might actually be better for their state.

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