Undocumented Immigrants

Fay-O goes off the rails in rant about DACA voter registrations

Halloween isn't here yet, but teh scary little brown monsters apparently are:

This is the first time the State Board of Elections, which Republicans took over after the last governor's race in 2012, has analyzed data from the Department of Motor Vehicles and the federal Department of Homeland Security to check for cheaters.

"We are working to ensure that no ballot cast by a noncitizen will count in this election or any future election," said Kim Westbrook, the board's executive director.

The Board of Elections can also refer cases to state and federal prosecutors for criminal charges. What's at stake is the integrity of our election system. Regional elections tell us that small numbers of voters can make a difference in close contests and that some people are willing to engage in mischief to win.

Aside from pointing out her name is actually Kim Westbrook Strach, which makes me wonder if she's stopped using her last name when contacted by the media for fear they'll notice who her husband is, I'll let my posted comment answer the rest:

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