Women's Rights


    The following is a list of family concerns and women’s rights that Democrats respect and the Democratic Party works to address despite opposition and obstruction from Republicans and especially their leaders.
  • Freeing women from being talked down to (despite Renee Ellmers’ advice that men do so).
  • Freeing women (as well as LGBT persons) from sexual and/or gender harassment or assault.
  • Mandating equal rights before the law.
  • Mandating equal pay for equal work.
  • Providing safe and reliable child-care for working mothers.

Are 'Women's Issues' Necessary?

What is it that sets women and their 'issues' aside?

Civitas writer, Becki Gray thinks that “Women’s ‘Advocates’ are holding women back.” She has written about this in NC SPIN, October 4, 2014. Ms. Gray seems to think misogyny is over just as the Supreme Court thinks racism is over. Both are mistaken.

Making women’s rights an article of law is not ‘nanny care,’ it is a fitting and proper act of government, whose duty it is to protect all citizens. Women’s rights are just like everyone else’s rights, but not every person wants to admit that, let alone support it and live by it. If even she admits she had to ‘work hard to be seen and treated as an equal,’ than something is wrong with our society’s outlook on women. It wasn’t ‘women’s advocates’ she needed to persuade of her equality.

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