Thrilled with Thrive

Earlier this month, before we became a Corporation, we wrote as a consumer about the process of buying a sofa online. Today, less than four weeks later, our beautiful sofa has arrived, and We are thrilled with the styling, the quality, the service, and the value we received from Thrive Furniture.

It's rare these days to found ourselves being unequivocally happy about something involving commerce. But unequivocally happy We are.

Thought you'd like to hear the whole story!


Fracked again...

There was a moment at this morning's Senate Rules Committee meeting at NCGA that left me scratching my head…. I hope y'all can help clarify something for me.

The bill being discussed was HB 761. This huge, 62 page Proposed Committee Substitute covers everything from Ambiant Air Monitoring and Animal Euthanasia Requirements to making it a Class H felony to poach venus fly traps from the only area where they grow in the wild (down east NC).

Income inequality breeds greater income inequality

Because the poor get poorer, the rich get richer.

Let’s start with the backdrop: Essentially, the lower-income Americans that are the target customers of dollar stores have gotten too poor to buy anything other than food (a vivid illustration of Piketty’s point about income inequality). That has depressed margins and profits at these [Family Dollar and Dollar Tree] discount retailers.

So the people who own and manage these discount stores are going to end up hurting right? Hahaha, no, remember, the rich get richer.

You are invited to Carteret County Young Dem's Summer Rally with Kay Hagan

August 7 is the day to head to Morehead City for the Carteret County Young Dems and 3rd Congressional District Summer Rally and Picnic in the Park featuring Senator Kay Hagan and a whole slate of elected officials and candidates. Enjoy music by the Last Chance Wrangler's Band, mingle with friends and rub elbows with North Carolina's political elite...just kidding here. Seriously, Morehead City is beautiful this time of year and this is a great way to end your summer.

You can see the Facebook event here. The rally and picnic are free, but you can always donate to the Carteret County Young Dems, NCDP 3rd Congressional District, Carteret County Democratic Party, or your favorite candidate as a show of appreciation.

From the event page:

Coal Ash Wednesday: the people have spoken

And they're not happy with the Legislature's half-measures on cleanup:

Three-quarters of North Carolinians -- of all political affiliations -- don't think the state legislature has done enough to address Duke Energy's recent coal ash spill into the Dan River.

* Duke Energy should clean up the coal ash left in the Dan. A solid 80 percent of voters surveyed say Duke Energy should have to clean up the 36,000 tons of toxic ash that remain in the Dan River out of the approximately 39,000 tons spilled. That includes 89 percent of Democrats, 76 percent of Republicans, and 72 percent of independents. Only 13 percent of voters surveyed think the spill cleanup has been adequate. The state has lifted a ban on swimming in the river, but environmentalists have raised concerns about potential health threats from the remaining coal ash, which contains potent toxins including arsenic, lead and mercury.

And that 13% are probably Tea Partiers who think this whole thing is a plot by tree-huggers to push us closer to Agenda 21, or some such nonsense. But the rest of us, the ones who live in the real world, are deeply concerned about lawmakers being beholden to Duke Energy:

Daily dose

TAX-FREE WEEKEND DEMISE MEANS DIGGING DEEPER FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL NEEDS : Have you been waiting for the first weekend in August to go out and outfit the kid you’re sending off to college? Looking to upgrade your computer, add a printer or get a tablet? Thanks to the tax overhaul enacted last year by the General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory you’ll be paying an additional 7 percent more than you’d have paid a year ago. Remember back a year ago, there was the sales tax holiday in North Carolina. But that’s been abolished. However, depending on where you are, or if you’re willing to travel a bit, our neighbor states – South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia -- still have their sales tax holiday. You can go online to:, to get more details for each state.

Here’s some typical items and how much more you’ll pay this year (based on 7 percent state and local sales taxes).


2014 HIV Advocacy Conference Coming to Winston Salem

2014 North Carolina HIV/AIDS Advocacy Conference
When: Sept. 6, 2014, Winston-Salem, NC
What: 2014 North Carolina HIV/AIDS Advocacy Conference
When: Sept. 6, 2014,
Where: Winston-Salem State University, F.L. Atkins School of Health Sciences
Address: 601 South Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Winston-Salem NC 27110

Meet fellow advocates, network, and learn! The conference is free of charge and includes lunch. Preregistration is required.

The annual North Carolina HIV/AIDS Advocacy Conference brings together hundreds of North Carolinians for a full-day program of educational programming, advocacy training, and opportunities for networking. Hosted by the North Carolina AIDS Action Network and the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition.

On the joys and pleasures of being Incorporated

We were not surprised this morning to discover that our new strategy of Incorporation has been embraced by the chattering classes. Welcome one and all to the shadow of our Magnificent Presence.


Primary wars: Spaulding slams Cooper for trying to have it both ways

Press release, via email:

DURHAM, N.C. - Here again, Attorney General Roy Cooper and his office have lost in court when it comes to the constitutional rights of North Carolina citizens. Roy Cooper and his office have already lost in court regarding the extremely important teacher tenure case. Now, Roy Cooper and his office have just been proven wrong and lost in the marriage equality case. Clearly, he will lose again in the pending unconstitutional "voter suppression" case.

Attorney General Roy Cooper now, after this loss, says his office will no longer represent the state against Marriage Equality. In contrast, my support for Marriage Equality and non-discrimination against any North Carolinian has not been dictated by a loss in court but has been based on a core sense of fairness and equality. This new action by Attorney General Roy Cooper lacks consistency and resolve.

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